A proud tradition of fine home building. The Zuckerman name has stood for quality in the DC area since the 1940s. Our uncle, Louis Zuckerman, began building homes just after World War II. Barry entered the business right out of college, working for his brother Shelton. Now Barry’s son Eric is on board, representing the next generation. Zuckerman Builders is a family company carrying on a family tradition—building beautiful homes of the highest quality.


Barry Zuckerman

A life-long DC resident, Barry grew up in the construction business. He worked during his summers off from school, first for his Uncle Louis, then for his brother Shelton who was already an established home builder. In 1981, Barry went into business for himself, building houses throughout the DC-Metropolitan area. With more than 40 years' experience and hundreds of homes to his credit, he knows every aspect of the business inside and out. From architecture and site planning all the way through to landscaping and interior design, his thorough knowledge of construction ensures that no detail goes overlooked. As a principal in Zuckerman Builders, Barry is proud to stand behind the family name and to ensure that it remains synonymous with beautiful, quality craftsmanship for generations to come.

Eric Zuckerman

Growing up a Zuckerman, it's no surprise that Eric logged plenty of hours on construction sites before he graduated from college. He went a slightly different route before joining the family business, though, earning an MBA from the University of Maryland. Combining that experience with a creative eye for details and finishes, Eric brings a unique perspective to Zuckerman Builders. But he's still very much his father's son. A stickler for detail with the highest standards, Eric is never satisfied with a job unless it's perfect.

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